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Vario '500 Nero Pasta Serving Bowl

Vario '500 Nero Pasta Serving Bowl

Ubaldo Grazia

  • $ 23000

32 cm (12.6")

This is one of the most recognizable Renaissance design borders, seen on many celebration plates. The original pattern is divided into many sections of blue and yellow. In 1983, Saks Fifth Avenue of New York requested that Grazia update the colors for a contemporary market. Grazia complied and re-colored the pattern using black, green and red.

The majolica tradition in Deruta dates back to 1200, since then it has never been interrupted, making Deruta a unique centre of production in the world .

The Grazia family began producing majolica in 1500, evidenced from documents and the old kiln situated  within Deruta’s old town walls.

In the past, our most important clients were nobles families, convents and the Church who began to use and sell our products to pilgrims visiting S.Francis’  tomb in Assisi.

Umbria's long-standing tradition of fine art is reflected in every Grazia product.

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