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Revol Round Ceramic Cocotte - 10.25"


  • $ 24999

This ceramic cookware has a black porcelain lid, glazed in color, with a stainless steel knot. The base is also made of very resistant, non-porous clay, made of natural ingredients. Because all the components of this casserole are natural, it makes it the best Dutch oven to make all your healthy recipes for a healthy cooking. It can be used like any other pot, and it performs as any other Dutch oven: in the stove, induction, oven and microwave. Revolution is the perfect solution for a slow, delicious, long cooking process. The nutrition components of the food are preserved as well as the flavors and colors. Simmer, braise, and cook in the stove. Bake, grill in the oven. Reheat in the microwave. Freeze. Wash in a dishwasher and start again. The dish will be like brand new each time and will not absorb any odors, bacteria, fat.

Dia. 10.25" x H 5.75"

3.75 Qt

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